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Happy Pawladays

Dec, 3 2019

Join us for #givingtuesday to help our furry friends have an amazing Decempurr!

Throughout the 2019 year we have helped over 220 dogs find safe refuge in a new forever home. We have also helped over 150 cats find their way. Many times from being dumped on the streets. Throughout this year, we have experienced numerous medicals that were extremely costly. Many times, we never could have done it without you!

For this, WE THANK YOU!!!!

This #givingtuesday we are asking for additional support. We have a couple medical cases that we are still working through and many more lives to save. Bella just had her amputation and is still awaiting her brace to help her walk. Jesse, we just discovered has an unhealed broken front leg that will require surgical intervention and plates and screws. We also had Miss Junie this year with the ectopic ureter that required surgery and numerous Heart Worm Positive pups.

Please consider directing your donations to Michele’s Rescue so that we may continue to help and save as many as absolutely possible. This year, Facebook is matching $7,000,000 in donations. We have the opportunity to turn every dollar into two. But we can’t do it without you.

Jessie, Bella, Newt, Tank & Tulip are all just a sampling of some of our high cost medicals. They are also reasons we work so hard to do what we do!

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