About Michele’s Rescue

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Michele’s Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue which was started in 1997. We are a no kill rescue that takes in and adopts out animals from shelters all over the country. Michele is also credited with the founding of “The West Michigan Spay & Neuter Clinic of West Michigan.” Michele has been organizing events, fosters and transports throughout West Michigan and as a result saving 100’s of lives each month. She is also the founder of the annual Petapawlooza - West Michigan, an event that brings together multiple rescue organizations and vendors from around West Michigan to promote animal welfare.

What does it mean to be an animal rescue?

An animal rescue like Michele’s Rescue has the responsibility to rescue animals, from animal shelter’s around the country, who are at capacity which threatens the life of the animal. An animal rescue like Michele’s Rescue cannot rescue personal animals or strays as we are not a shelter and rely on our fosters in order to rescue animals from kill shelters. Strays need to be reported to your local humane society and/or county shelter. It is the responsibility of the finder to repor the stray as a “Stray Hold.”

If you see an animal you’d like to adopt please fill out our pre-application form.